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    • 2017-08-16
      Common hidden dangers of switches and sockets


    Common hidden dangers of switches and sockets


    金彩开户 Switches and sockets are important electrical fittings for household decoration and electrical appliances. As a result of this, they are often overlooked by people for their potential security risks. Fire experts advise that the correct use of switches and sockets can not be ignored, otherwise, it will cause fire because of paralysis.


    Generally speaking, there are seven hidden dangers that cause fire in switches and sockets
    When the socket is pressed by the combustible material or the dust falls into the short circuit, or is installed in the inflammable and explosive dangerous place, when the plug is inserted or the plug is pulled out, the spark is generated, causing an explosion and fire;
    Is not timely replacement of damaged plugs, plug replaced by the use of thrum, causing short circuit or sparks caused by combustible fire;
    Is some bedside switch after use, readily put, the switch hit the bedstead or wall, so that the outer insulation layer is damaged, it is likely to cause short circuits;
    The working voltage and working current of household appliances are not consistent with the power used by the socket, and the long-term overload can cause fire when the temperature is too high;
    The switch is installed properly, especially the switch installed in flammable objects, once the source of lead sheath scratches, will make the core exposed or water vapor infiltration, causing a short circuit or switch off when the arc caused by fire;
    Is not on the switchboard wiring box, fuse will lead to hot metal particles splashed, below the fuel combustion;
    The utility model relates to a combustible gas which is used by families. When the pipeline or valve is leaked, and when the combustible gas and the air are mixed to a certain limit, the electric switch which does not eliminate the arc device is opened or closed, and sparks can be produced.

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