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    • 2017-08-16
      There are many problems caused by the malfunction


    This paper focuses on summarizing wall switch faults that are incomplete and are welcome to supplement.电灯开关故障引发的问题多,电灯闪烁、断路器跳闸,这样解决

    Fault one: blinking after turning off the light

    When the light is turned off, the reason is flashing。 The reason is complicated。 Of these, there are three reasons for the wall switch the switch, the zero line, the switch, the indicator light and the connection。

    Switch zero control

    Switch control zero line of great harm, flashing lights is only one of the consequences of wrong. If an electric light flash occurs, first of all, the lamp should be checked to see if there is a problem of controlling the zero line.
    The method is to remove the switch, turn the switch on the light off, and close the circuit breaker. Two terminal measuring pencil behind measurement switch, if the two terminals can light the test pencil, then prove the existence of the zero line switch control problem. At this point should be corrected in time, so as not to lead to disaster.

    There is an indicator light on the switch

    Today, the prevalence of LED lights, more sensitive to the current. And if there is an indicator light on the switch, the indicator will produce a weak current at work. The LED light reflects this current and reflects it in a blink.
    This is not a big problem, and can be ignored if it can be endured. If you want to solve, you can remove the indicator light on the switch.


    The connection is not firm

    If the cord is used for decoration, there is a possibility of burrs. The contact of the two terminals will contact the switch short. And smaller contact area, it is possible to cause flashing.
    Second, whether it is flexible cord or hard wire, the problem of terminal screw should be considered. If the terminal screw is loose, it is likely to cause contact between the two terminals, resulting in a flashing light.

    Is the light on or off?

    Refers to whether the switch is on or closed state, the light is always in the normal working brightness, and never change. Or the light has been left out of sight, and the replacement of the new light will not be possible. These two problems should be considered when the switch is burned internally - -
    There are two contacts in the switch, the contact touch, the light work, the contact separation, the electric light go out. If a short circuit or overload occurs in the circuit, especially the circuit breaker also jump lockage, are likely to burn down the switch.
    A large amount of heat is generated when a short circuit or an overload is applied so that the inner conductor of the melt switch is fused and the switch is internally bonded and the switch remains burned.

    Replace the switch in time to solve the problem。电灯开关故障引发的问题多,电灯闪烁、断路器跳闸,这样解决

    The switch doesn't move

    No matter whether the switch is opened or closed or closed, it should be considered that the spring of the switch is damaged.
    The upper and lower press of the switch is dependent on the internal spring. If the spring is damaged or dislocated, it may cause the switch to be stationary or immovable. At this point, replace the new switch can be solved.

    Turn on the light

    There is no leakage circuit breaker in the switching circuit, so the probability of this situation is very small. This paper only analyzes the reason why the circuit breaker without leakage is tripped.
    The ordinary circuit breaker tripping, that causes overload or short circuit, and the electric circuit load is low, if the loop without increased illegal socket, basically can determine the circuit breaker is due to short circuit tripping.
    There may be only one short circuit - the electric light. Because the switch is only FireWire, and no load, even if the short-circuit will not cause tripping.
    Replace the lights at this time to solve the problem.

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