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    • 2017-08-16
      In this way, the switch is selected to avoid secur


    The weather has been really hot in the last few days. The air conditioning at home should be busy.
    Therefore, these two days, many switching businesses said that the reception of many customers are because air conditioning outlet is not through, overload and burn sockets, and even electrical equipment.
    Therefore, [Tencent excellent home class] from this talk about the small knowledge of switches and sockets.
    Switch socket, after all, related to power safety issues, owners or friends should pay more attention to some.
    So, many owners will ask friends, as the beginning of the situation is what?
    To be sure, the quality of the socket is not up.
    Now on the market sales of switches, regardless of big brand or small brand, socket material is divided into aluminum core, alloy, alloy copper, brass, tin, phosphorus bronze these.
    The first 3 kinds of materials, if we do not have high-power appliances, or only general lighting, there should be no problem.
    Now we have a growing variety of household appliances, more and more user-friendly, especially many high-power appliances are popular in the family, such as air conditioning, water heaters, ovens and so on.
    The power of these large power equipment itself is large, and the power is greater when the instant start, so the socket current carrying parts are not standard, it is prone to overload, and then burn out or melt deformation phenomenon.
    Then, the country has the standard of implementation on socket current carrying component, that is, the current carrying material of the socket is tin phosphor bronze, and the brand of this material will pass the national 3C certification.
    Speak here about the advantages of tin bronze:
    First of all, from the color point of view, tin phosphorus bronze is red and yellow
    Advantage 1, big strength, not easy to deformation, ensure plug continuous plug 15000 times unchanged type;
    Advantage 2, oxidation resistance, not easy oxidation, good conductivity;
    Advantage 3, carrying current is relatively large, maximum carrying capacity of 16A, including unstable current, will not appear overload phenomenon.
    These 3 advantages are precisely what other materials do not have, and this is precisely the socket of the most basic security material.
    So, if you go to the building materials market, you can according to what I just said to this point to distinguish, there will be great harvest, you will find that many brands of products on the market material is not up to standard
    So, if the socket material pass, it must be safe? Not exactly. At least half of it.


    金彩开户 You may have encountered the socket is not good use, long time, no plug, or not inserted into the plug, or is not tight or easy to fall off, plug when Mars, these phenomena in addition to material does not pass, the main problem is the process.


    Be careful:Five socket socket current component must be a one-piece molding better, also say a piece of copper, no welding, no riveting, so that the current is smooth, long service life.
    Materials and processes are no problem, the owners of friends to buy sockets can ease the use of.
    金彩开户 But some people ask again, there are naughty children at home. It's really unsafe to worry about a child's curiosity or to touch the socket hole directly with something or with his hand!


    Be careful:Socket with child safety lock, which is imposed by a state, if there is no child lock, is not allowed to enter the market.
    However, there are many manufacturers in order to cope with the country's sales into the inspection, sleight of hand. In other words, the appearance of the socket can also be seen on the insulating sleeve, in fact, a little harder to plug in is very easy, single hole can plug directly into the socket and electric shock. Well, our most direct test method is that you can use the screwdriver to test the product on the spot. If the screwdriver is not used very hard, then there will be no problem.

    Good socket is balance force, the first 2/3 easy to plug, and after 3 points to a little hard to do well。

    This is one of the ways to verify the clearance of sockets, and it is also easy for everyone to operate.
    The inner material and technology of the socket are finished. Now let's look at the external material.


    What is the material of the switch socket panel afraid of most? Fire! Fire! Fire! Followed by high temperature!

    If you encounter fire, or circuit failure, overload or high temperature, the panel material is not pass, the switch will become the second source of fire
    Owners of friends believe that the switch panel is what material, or has always been that what is the material?

    Many owners believe that the switch panel material is PVC, in fact, not PVC, but another kind of material - Pc, also known as bulletproof rubber, is a flame retardant material. The state stipulates that the material of the switch socket panel must be flame retardant material!Flame retardant material, as the name suggests, is to prevent burning, but does not mean not burning.


    Flame retardant material characteristics:
    First, the flame retardant temperature is 850 degrees, the flame will only burn more than 850;
    Second, from more than 850 degrees, even if the fire is burning, left off in 5 seconds;
    Third, burning without dripping, will not cause two burns and harm to people;
    Fourth, high temperature, high temperature 110 degrees, an hour without deformation;
    Fifth, anti-oxidation, not easy to change color, fade, not easily deformed.
    Last year, 315 activities, CCTV panel materials on the switch to do special reports and spot checks, when many well-known brands familiar with this material in the test is not pass.
    If you think it is difficult to identify the purchase, then we will use the most direct method, fire, to test.
    With a lighter ignition switch on the spot to see the effect, some sellers would not like to try, don't let businesses may try fishy, regular brands have the experience and test, in addition, the seller will have items in the store, just to let the customer see material and technology.
    If you do not let burn, you can also use hand, touch, smooth, looking at no impurities, the color is close to m white, the basic is no big problem.

    Do not choose bleach white switch, bleach white, almost all plastic, plus bleach, unsafe, long time will change color。


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