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    • 2017-08-16
      Eight strokes teach you buy socket, bought the str


    At present, the market has very strict product standard, arguably we can get enough rest assured products. But the actual situation of shame, Dianliao market chaos repeated, mainly for the purchase of materials or the user experience. Cheap, look, look at prices, etc., so that unscrupulous traders profitable. In the end, spend money not to say, but at home to buy a bomb, why?
    Today to teach everyone to buy socket, just from the following aspects, teach you to easily identify inferior socket!

    I. purchasing channels

    八招教你买插排,买了 有问题的插排就等于买了个定时炸弹

    Now shopping more convenient, as the strip of daily necessities, is appearing in various places may sell. Network, roadside stalls, or even 10 yuan store, it can be described as ten dollars, you can not afford to suffer a loss, ten yuan, you can not buy fooled, ten dollars, you can buy a time bomb home!
    This mobile, low reliability place, even if you pay a high price to buy a large brand products, it is likely to OEM, because you simply can not find who sold you!
    Recommended to buy socket, or to the regular hardware store or supermarket to buy.

    Two, brand

    金彩开户 Although the products of big brands may be OEM, they are more reliable than those of small workshops. Product production and testing have to be strict procedures, no qualified small factory production line, not to mention the production qualification.

    Three, qualification

    八招教你买插排,买了 有问题的插排就等于买了个定时炸弹

    Trademarks, manufacturers information, product information, instructions for use, nameplates, certificates, etc., are specified by the state mandatory requirements. Without this information, not to say how the quality of products, at least the socket manufacturers have problems.
    Note that the socket is must be marked on the packaging of the production date. The year was too long in stock, the internal conductor may affect the conductivity of the strip oxidation.

    Four, plug

    八招教你买插排,买了 有问题的插排就等于买了个定时炸弹

    If there are three jack socket, and the plug socket is left and the socket must not buy.
    Not to say whether it meets the national standard, socket first need middle ground and Jack, socket without grounding pin, the grounding socket how?
    This is a lot to see if the electrical socket, and the socket leakage occurred, and no grounding device, it is prone to accidents.

    Five jack

    八招教你买插排,买了 有问题的插排就等于买了个定时炸弹

    The country has strict prohibition of the production of Jack, but there are still individual socket. Don't know the socket is a few years ago, inventory is just short of production, must not buy.
    金彩开户 Universal receptacle due to the larger jack, one to prevent finger into the ignition spark, and prevent the socket to spill, has banned the production.

    Six, switch

    八招教你买插排,买了 有问题的插排就等于买了个定时炸弹

    If it is with a switch socket, can determine the overall product quality through the quality of switch.
    When you buy, you can repeatedly press the switch, the poor switch has stuck, blocked and so on. And high quality switch is pressed easily, sound is clear and crisp.

    Seven, plug

    If conditions permit, Jack can be inserted with the socket socket plug detection.
    If the jack is too tight or too loose, the elastic difference is loose, do not buy.
    If each socket has the same sense of insertion and the tightness is moderate, it is proved to be a high quality socket.

    Eight, weight

    The same specifications of the socket can be compared by weigh weight. High quality materials have higher weight strip.
    金彩开户 If the purity of copper in the conductor is not high, or the plastic shell is thin and soft, the average weight is lighter.

    八招教你买插排,买了 有问题的插排就等于买了个定时炸弹

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